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The magnificent Boeing 727

If you have not flown a B-727 or been a passenger on this fabulous aircraft you have missed one of the great treats that the Boeing engineers created for us. The sexiest airplane ever built (exterior design) was also the ultimate pilot’s airplane because of its unique and fail-safe systems design. During certain emergencies all three pilots had to be on the same page and the crew coordination required for a successful flight was camaraderie enhancing.

I spent 22 years on the 727 and after 11,000 hours in the left seat it fit me like a glove. Any of the older pilots that have flown many different aircraft will immediately state that the magnificent “3-holer” was a wonderful air-machine. With its aft-airstair for passenger loading and its self-contained APU (an after-thought by the Boeing engineers) it required no ground support.

There are still a few cargo carriers operating the 727, including FEDEX and I will speculate that those pilots will have to be pried out of the cockpit when they  eventually ground the old Boeings. For the devout extreme-experience people, I will advise that simulator flights are available for between $200-$300. If you contact me through my website, I will provide info on B-727 simulators.

Ace Abbott (a hard-core 727 aficionado)


The DC-3 and cyber-Monday shopping

hundreds, if not thousands off people flew on a DC-3 yesterday as millions purchased products online.

Antiquated airplane won't quit--DC-3 over Lantana, Florida airport

On Cyber-Monday (yesterday) when high-tech shopping ruled, there were thousands of people riding on the classic airplane of all classic airplanes. The DC-3 was first flown in 1937 and it is still being utilized by both cargo and passenger carrying airlines (primarily in the Caribbean and Latin America).  The DC-3 is a C-47 if you are in the military and if you enjoy sarcastic monikers you will call it a “Gooney Bird” or a ” Douglas Racer.”

I was lucky enough to squeeze in a few months of flying this marvelous aircraft back in the early ’70s and it was a fun transition from the Mach 2 Phantom and the fighter-jet-like Learjet. If you ever have the opportunity for a ride in the DC-3 I suggest you capitalize on the opportunity. It is, perhaps , the safest airplane ever flown.


The Layover

Fellow Aviation Road Warriors,

For anyone who would like to enhance the quality of their layovers, (unless it is an 8-hour domestic dirty-deal) I will recommend a book titled, of course, The Layover, by Anthony Bourdain. It focuses on getting off the tourists trap path into ” the local folks haunt.” Oneof its suggestions is the Katz’s dli in New York city.

A Great Day to Aviate

       Black Friday is a serious misnomer as it is a beautiful, clear blue-sky sunny day across most of the CONUS. If you have your own airplane get out there and have some fun (but, “keep your airspeed up in the turns.” If you have to travel commercially it is also a good day to do so, since the loads are likely to be small and there are often last-minute discounted fares. Also, if you are an armchair aviator and would like to go for a wild ride, Ace Abbott’s book, The Rogue Aviator will provide you with that experience. A Black Friday weekend sale is in progress and you can buy two signed copies (great presents) for only $25 plus $3 S&H. Go to, click on contact and place your order with a direct email to the author.


Ace goes Rogue on WRIC, Norwich, CT with host Stu Prior

I just finished an interview on WRIC in Norwich, CT. with Stu Prior. A no-punches-pulled discussion of the ongoing pilot fatigue problem highlighted the conversation. Pilots: please take a cat nap enroute as I often did. The other option could result in dysfunctional head-bobs on final approach. “keep your airspeed up in the turns.”   Ace Abbott –The Rogue Aviator

@Flying_Geeks, Thanks for your wonderful contribution to aviation; fabulous videos; for desert I suggest a few pages of The Rogue Aviator.

@VirginAmerica; Mr. Branson, Mandate that your pilots read The Rogue Aviator by Ace Abbott; they will be so grateful for their great job!