The DC-3 and cyber-Monday shopping

hundreds, if not thousands off people flew on a DC-3 yesterday as millions purchased products online.

Antiquated airplane won't quit--DC-3 over Lantana, Florida airport

On Cyber-Monday (yesterday) when high-tech shopping ruled, there were thousands of people riding on the classic airplane of all classic airplanes. The DC-3 was first flown in 1937 and it is still being utilized by both cargo and passenger carrying airlines (primarily in the Caribbean and Latin America).  The DC-3 is a C-47 if you are in the military and if you enjoy sarcastic monikers you will call it a “Gooney Bird” or a ” Douglas Racer.”

I was lucky enough to squeeze in a few months of flying this marvelous aircraft back in the early ’70s and it was a fun transition from the Mach 2 Phantom and the fighter-jet-like Learjet. If you ever have the opportunity for a ride in the DC-3 I suggest you capitalize on the opportunity. It is, perhaps , the safest airplane ever flown.



6 responses to “The DC-3 and cyber-Monday shopping

  1. Great story of them old planes , nothing like the old stuff eh !

    • Yes Brad,
      The good old days that every older person has been talking about since the inception of history. For more of the “good old days” stay tuned for my next blog.

  2. Hey Ace,
    Amen on the DC-3.Used to be a”night freight dog” on one up in New England. Nothing like breaking out at mins with blowing snow across the runway at BDL,.. after midnight! Builds character, right?
    I think Owen’s Gooney (the one pictured( is now in the NE Air Museum. Owen was a great friend!
    Walt Houghton
    Retired as Dir. of Avn. & 20 yrs. at FLL

    • Hello Walt,
      Thanks for the comeback and the clarifiication; I was not aware that we were looking at one of Owen Gassoway’s old birds. The Owen Gassoway story (a book) is available at his legacy operation at the Lantana airport. Ace

  3. Hello Laddy, A voice from your past…..The Old Gooney Bird was my favorite ride every week for several weeks, from Orlando, Fl to the Bahamas with a plane full of the owners clients and his very special ‘invited guests:’ Hookers. These ‘Nymphs’ supplied a good measure of the bosses”gratitude” for their continued support of his contracting business. It is often said, ‘flying the Gooney Bird was the most fun you could have with your clothes on.’ Lets just say it is was the most fun!….Ahhh! for the Good Ole Days….Capt Ed from the pages of the “Rogue Aviator.”

    • Hi Captain Ed,
      I’m with you. The good old days had some downsides but as a you point out there were often very interesting experiences back in the days when pilots were stick-and-rudder people and not only loved flying airplanes but they loved life as well.
      Ace/ Al Morris

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