Sweet Nostalgia; When pilots and “Stews” would have fun together

The recent AMR bankruptcy that will have an unfavorable effect on most of the American Airline employees was briefly set aside on Sunday, Novembe 4, 2011 as two American Airlines F/A’s stopped at my book signing location and after a brief bit of bantering  a photo op session ensued. The front cover of the “Rogue” has a photo of flight crews frolicking on the ramp at Georgetown, Guyana and we complimented that with flight crews frolicking on Concourse D at MIA.

This playful excursion was enhanced when I was able to engage an American Airlines 767 pilot in a nostalgic discussion regarding the joys of flying the 727. As Captain David (last name unknown) so aptly stated, “It was the last “stick-and-rudder airplane for most airline pilots,” as the high tech cockpits rendered the old “steam gauge”/fuel-sucking airplanes to be obsolete.

For more commercial aviation nostalgia you can access an article written by Ace Abbott in the July/August issue of Airliners Magazine. It features a restored Eastern Airlines DC-7 that is now being flown aound the country and it is available for rides for a resonable sum. It also frequents many air shows. Ace’s article is titled Sweet Nostalgia.


3 responses to “Sweet Nostalgia; When pilots and “Stews” would have fun together

  1. aL,

    • Thank you Domy; I had a lot of fun that day at the airport as I interacted with numerous pilot and flight attendants and I wanterd to share that experience with the photos.

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