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Election 2012-Women to the Forefront!

While our Congress has still not passed the Equal Rights Amendment, the women of this country are taking the proverbial bull by the horns and gaining power by leaps and bounds. The election of 2012 is historic in many regards; one of them being that the women’s vote played a large role in both the presidential election and many of the congressional elections throughout the country. The misogynist right-wing ranting’s of the GOP tea-party-inspired candidates was not ignored by those women who do not want elderly men whom they don’t know, controlling their personal health choices. The suggested defunding of Planned Parenthood by many of the GOP candidates brought the ladies into the public square with pitchforks and torches (metaphorically).

And now we go briefly back to aviation. A little-known aviation fact is that there are now three female pilots on the Air Force Thunderbird flight demonstration team. The organization, Women in Aviation, now has nearly 9,000 members. Any visit to the airport will reveal ladies in epaulets who will be flying the big jet up to JFK or ORD. As equally incongruous as this invasion in to the “good old boys network” of aviation, is the invasion of several new ladies into the sacred Senate Chamber in our Capitol Building. This brings the new total up to 20. None of them are shrinking violets! They will not hesitate to mix it up with the established “good old boys network,” that is now experiencing some challenging assimilation of the newcomers. Based on the current obstructionist dysfunctional modus operandi in Congress, a bit of new blood might be just what the doctor ordered.

The state of New Hampshire has distinguished itself with a lady Governor, two lady US Senators, and their two Congressional seats will be occupied by women. The five most important government positions in New Hampshire are being held by women. Hillary Clinton has distinguished herself as an excellent Secretary of State and Susan Rice is a likely candidate to succeed her. The proliferation of female authors, artists, comedians, writers, etc. ad infinitum, is shattering the old “glass ceiling”, as women are grabbing that big desk in the CEO office. In academia they are accelerating way ahead of their male contemporaries. TV journalism has several new woman superstars: Rachel Maddow of MSNBC; Soledad O’Brien of CNN; and the iconic Christiane Amanpour remains active.

I am perhaps in a minority amongst my fellow American males, but based on my experience with highly competent women and the knowledge that they sometimes exhibit certain strengths that supersede those of most men, I am very happy to see them excelling in these arenas that were once the exclusive domain of men. The extreme right wing of the Republican Party attempted to throw the women of this country under the bus by taking away their Planned Parenthood programs, while railing against the use of contraception. The redefining of rape as “an act ordained by God’s will” that required the rapist’s victim to bear and care for his child, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The women are now jumping on top and brandishing a whip. The old cliché’ “beware a woman scorned” will now reveal its validity.

This blog is prepared by Allen Morris, A.K.A. Ace Abbott, author of The Rogue Aviator ( and Dead Tired: Pilot Fatigue Aviation’s Insidious Killer (