Ace Abbott

Ace Abbott spent his youth on a hardscrabble-farm in Upstate New York. Upon graduation from college at SUNY (Cortland) in 1965 he entered the U.S Air Force and became an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot based in the Far East. In 1971 he left the Air Force and became a Learjet charter pilot in South Florida. The next eight years he was a Learjet Captain in many diverse and challenging situations, including extensive operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 1980, through a fortuitous bounce of the airplane employment ball, he became a Boeing 727 Captain. The next 22 years, until mandatory retirement at age 60, Ace was employed as a 727 Captain with several airlines during the unstable airline post-deregulation era. His 727 experiences took him to most of the countries in Latin America, The Caribbean, and included an assignment to Cairo, Egypt and Malta. Ace retired in 2002 after travelling to 44 countries with 25 employer changes.

Ace has now returned to his roots in the scenic Finger Lakes of Central New York where he keeps busy with book marketing activities which include: book presentations at aviation events, airshows (including the Oshkosh Air Show as a featured author), fly-in pancake breakfast events, along with events at book clubs, libraries and book stores. He is a “snowbird” and spends his winters in Delray Beach, Florida where he also stays busy with book promotion activity. When The Rogue Aviator makes the NY Times best seller list he intends to return to the golf course.

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  1. Worked on F-4C at Gearge AFB 1963-1965. Would like to pay for a back seat flight in the best Jet every made. What are my chances. I live in Oceanside CA

    • Hello Kenn, It can be done but you better bring your Platinum credit card. A company called Collingswood Aviation has an F-4 Phantom at Ellington AFB near Houston and they give back seat ries to anyone who can pony up the $12,000.

  2. Hi,
    Would love to talk to you. My name is Patzi Gil – I wrote the script for G.I. Basel’s book, Pak Six. It is a feature film schedule for 2014. Meanwhile, I am also doing a documentary called Forgotten F-105 Warriors.

    I have spent almost a year researching F-105s and speaking to pilots and ground crews. Would love if you could help spread the word about it…but would also like to talk to you about doing a script for you based on your book. I have written many script–including one for Apollo Astronaut, Walt Cunningham, based on his book All American Boys.

    Please give me a call 727-743-9413 or email me: patzi007@gmail.com. I am located in St. Petersburg, FL.

    Best regards, Patzi

    • Patzi,
      Thanks for your interest in my book The Rogue Aviator. I will be hosting a book signing event at the MacDill AFB sometime within the next few weeks and we might get together then. Allen Morris/aka Ace Abbott

    • Patzi,
      Thanks for your interest in my book The Rogue Aviator. I will be hosting a book signing event at the MacDill AFB sometime within the next few weeks and we might get together then. Allen Morris/aka Ace Abbott

    • Hi Patzi,
      Thanks for checking out my blog and website. I am interested in pursuing the possibility of The Rogue Aviator
      “going Hollywood.” I have had many readers ask me in a very serious vein, “Who is going to play Ace Abbott in the movie?” Allen Morris/aka Ace Abbott

  3. Mr.abbott,several years ago you were at Oswego county airport and I met you out side the gate. My name is John. Anyway you were there to promote your book , as I do not carry cash when I am working you gave me a copy and your card, I ended up losing your card and I never paid you for the book. Would you please send me your address so I can send you the money? . You can send it to my e- mail and I will send it out ASAP . Thank you and I could not stop reading the book very,very good. Sincerely John Andrews

    • Hello John,
      Thanks very much for your special efforts to pay me. My home address is : 730 Greensward Ct., #J210, Delray Beach , Florida 33445. Please make the check to: Allen M orris. Thanks. Also please share with your pilot colleagues my blog:bo to my website ;http://www.therogueaviator.com/ and click on BLOG; I also host an aviation talk show that you and your pilot colleagues might enjoy. It is accessible at: http://webtalkradio.net/, click on hosts and it will take you to my site. I hope the Rogue was entertaining for you–if so, perhaps you would take a few minutes and post a reader review at Amazon. Thanks very much for buying my book.
      Sincerly yours,
      Allen Morris/aka Ace Abbott

  4. Just found your site. Love the F-4. Always one of my favorite jets. Good look with the books and great insight into the Masters on the most recent post. Yes, you are right about pilots flying fatigued, it is a real problem.

    • Forgive my delayed response. Please check out my latest blog. You will find it very interesting; also includes two links to my interviews on the Asiana SFO crash.
      Allen Morris/aka Ace Abbott

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