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Be Nice To The Flight Attendants

This rare photo of commercial airline flight attendants having fun should give airline passengers the incentive to be nice to those people that help them find their seat in the cabin and even find space for them in the overhead bins. Additional incentive will be provided by the following brief synopsis of an incident on a flight preparing for departure at Palm Beach International Airport: During the boarding process the flight attendant was attempting to make a little extra space in the overhead bin when a passenger expressed her concern about her “fragile” package. Other passengers joined this session of spontaneous combustion inflamatory rhetoric which was aimed at the helpful cabin attendant and that precipitated intervention by the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Officers. Three passenger; a therapist, a lawyer, and a travel agent, were forcibly disembarked by the local gendarmes. Unfortunately this type of scenario plays out on an all-to frequent basis.

Airline travel has now degenerated to the lowest possible form of human interaction. The stress level that is associated with being crammed into a small tube with 150 or more people of various sizes, smells, etc. etc. is difficult to avoid.  Compound that with the probability of being deprived of bathroom privileges, along with losing the eternal battle for more elbow room and this alien, congested environment will bring the most tolerant Buddhist Monk-like personality profile to be on the brink of “losing it.”  I suggest deep-breathing exercises, meditation, what ever legal medication that alleviates stress, and always tell yourself, “This will all be over in a few hours.” I will also suggest the following advice from a professional flight attendant: (Click on this link;  to view a primer for successful interaction with the cabin crew when you have to travel with the commercial airlines). “What The Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You” by Michelle Crouch. Perhaps this tutoring will allow the many holiday season travellers to return home in a reasonably relaxed state of mind.