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Women Fighting for Freedom

While women are fighting for freedom in their fighter jet aircraft they will also be fighting for freedom in their voting booth. In the last 50 years the advancement of women’s rights has been so profound that that they have been allowed to become commercial pilots as well as military fighter pilots.  Although the women’s suffrage movement started in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848, it was not until 1921 when women were first allowed to vote. The tenacity of the female Homo Sapiens should not be underestimated

Despite the fact that our government leaders have never passed the Women’s Bill of Rights the ladies have extricated themselves from the kitchen and laundry room to excel in many endeavors that were previously only available for men. And now the men— more specifically the white Republican right wing ideologue men— are in the process of rolling back the incredible gains that women have experienced in the last half century. Many of these men are still espousing the premise that women should be, “barefoot in the winter, and pregnant in the summer.”

Many Republican state legislatures have recently passed laws that greatly restrict women’s rights to contraception, abortion, cancer screening and even basic gynecological health care. In recent weeks numerous candidates for the United States Senate, along with presidential candidate Mitt Romney and VP candidate Paul Ryan, have come forth, and expressed a desire to promote even more onerous and  draconian laws that will be highly detrimental to the health and well-being of all women.

Luckily, many women have become very aware of the attitudes of these current and prospective legislators and they will be voting in droves for their opponents. As women become more successful in many of the professions that were once dominated by men, a misogynist backlash has occurred. Women are outshining men in college graduation success and most phases of academia. Author Hanna Rosin has just published a book titled The End of Men, subtitle: And the Rise of Women. This book quantifies the many gains that women are making.  Women will not be tolerating the demeaning premise of narrow minded politicians who state that the rape of a woman is “God’s will.”

As an ex-macho fighter pilot who enjoyed the status that came with it, I can only say to the many women that are rapidly accelerating to a higher status, “you go girl.” Let the 21st century be the “century of the world’s women.” Let the men tend the hearth and nurture the children while they hold their head high for a job well done.

This blog is pepared by Allen Morris/ a.k.a. Ace Abbott, author of The Rogue Aviator   ( and Dead Tired: Pilot Fatigue-Aviation’s Insidious Killer ( www.deadtired pilots)