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Hire An Ex-GI

Would you consider hiring this “steely -eyed killer?”  Yes, that was one of the monikers for us wannabee fighter pilots during flight training. They then brainwashed us with another catch-phrase, “If you ain’t a fighter pilot, you ain’t shit.” Thus and therefore we had pilots standing in line to become “Wild Weasel” pilots whose mission was to effectively fly down the gun barrel of North Vietnam SAM (surface-to-air) missile sites. The bright side of all this will be extrapolated on as you read the following excerpt from my book, The Rogue Aviator. (this statement was the finale’ for when I left the Air Force)  Also, despite his roguish nature, 25 civilian employers hired the guy in the Dress Blues.

 An excerpt from page 56 of THE ROGUE AVIATOR

“The quality of people that Ace worked with, measured in terms of accountability, responsibility, ethics, and integrity, was at an infinitely higher level than that of the civilian world norm. It is very clear to military personnel that they are an integral part of the whole, and this perspective will usually result in people who will dedicate themselves to the highest level possible job-performance. The flight lead of the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels, for instance, does not have the option of going half speed or being lackadaisical during his group’s aerial demonstration. He must be totally prepared and committed. When hiring, most employers will wisely give the ex-military person the nod over those who have not served in the military.  The unfortunate other side of the coin is that government bungling and Pentagon malfeasance have resulted, particularly in the last 50 years, in far too many dedicated military people dying unnecessarily.

As the Iraq and Afghanistan vets return to their homes they are finding it difficult to gain employment. After all of the flag flying and “support our troops” rhetoric it is now time for all employers everywhere to stand up and be counted. SEEK OUT AND HIRE AN EX-MILITARY PERSON!